What’s a disconnector? Even as You wonder, Your mind fills with the most wondrous of sensations. You know exactly what disconnectors are. Imagine seeing the world all shiny and new again. Take back Your innocence, let go of virginity. It’s the Future, friends. I will show You the way.

While most Stein Unlimited offerings come absolutely free, we find it prudent to procure more classical means of business gratification. To whit, we do have a gift shop with full concessions for the discerning Stein. Understand that one hundred percent of shocking proceeds go directly to the financing and maintenance of the Stein Unlimited trans-corporate entity. At this time, Stein merchandise can only be purchased by chance encounter at our concerts.


Accidance! (2014) vhs/dvd

Adam Loewen, Jessica Stewart, Ross Wilson, Taya Jacobs, Andrew Grumelot, Sambath Eat, Ryan Aughenbaugh, Sean Hall, Dominic Jacobs, Gayle Towell.

This is the first official Stein movie. It includes music videos for all of the Accidance! songs, each directed by a different member of the Stein crew. Browse to our MEDIA section to see the music videos. Also included, sweded and Steined-the-F-Out parodies “When Steinosaurs Ruled the Earth” and “Alaskidance!” weaving the videos into a somewhat logical narrative. This is home movie madness at it’s crustiest, with terrible attempts at acting and special effects that will force you to grin in places.

Going With The Flow (2009) dvd

Adam Loewen, Thilo Savage, Dustin Mennie, Sambath Eat, Margi Cates, Alex Van Minnen.

Going With the Flow is an independent movie produced by and starring Adam, Thilo, and Dustin Mennie, with an original soundtrack by Stein. It’s a full length comedy that takes place in Missoula, Montana, showing the antics of three weirdos who can’t seem to get their poop in a group for the inner tube float of their fantasies. Low budget and unprofessional, fans of the film celebrate the quotable lines, subtle absurdity, beautiful landscapes, half the population of Missoula being part of the cast, and the don’t-give-a-shit attitude of the whole experience. Come, cool your husky body, but don’t forget to shimmy over the shale and nah, nah, you can’t have bottles on the river! Look at this thing, it’s pristine!


Shades (NEW! 2015) cd

Adam Loewen, Ryan Aughenbaugh, Taya Jacobs, Andrew Grumelot, Thilo Savage, Sean Hall, Erik Aanestad

Shades is a songwriting experiment in shadow work. It’s a collection of songs that were difficult to bring into the band for being, well… difficult, awkward, and just kind of weird. Rather than recoil from this, Adam collected the songs into an album and self-produced it in the Flophouse Media home studio almost like a solo album. “I wanted to let people peer into my soul and decide for themselves whether it’s ugly for me to be serious in what our tiny fanbase deems to be essentially a joke band.” Songs about relationships, philosophy, and alienation flow together like a bizarre dream sequence.

do you really think we’d hide ~secrets~ in our cover art?

Accidance! (2014) cd

Adam Loewen, Ross Wilson, Taya Jacobs, Gayle Towell, Dominic Jacobs

1. Press Play (R. Wilson)
2. Accustomed
3. The Relative
4. Burn It Down
5. Tautology (T. Jacobs)
6. Desperate Creatures
7. Walk Home (R. Wilson)
8. Catamaran

Accidance! is a fun garage rock album bringing you back to the basics of sick parties and silly shenanigans. Produced by bassist Ross Wilson using retro home recording gear and lo-fi sensibilities, the album captures a genuinely good timey vibe suitable for Portland bars and house parties.

Travels (2010) cd

Adam Loewen, Thilo Savage, Alex Van Minnen, Sam Ore

Stein’s debut album Travels is the companion album to Shades. While Shades represents the darkness, shadow, and mystery revealed through sleep and the unconscious, Travels is about the progression of waking consciousness throughout the day as we venture the self-created patterns and tubes of our own psyche.

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