Accidance! Official Stein Music Videos


Accidance! is Stein’s home made band movie! All photography, acting, editing, and special effects were done by Stein and Stein’s friends. You may be surprised by the lengths we went to. Explore the surreal underworld of Flophouse basement parties, strange paranormal happenings, and various colorful ego trips.

The full DVD contains not only the seven music videos offered here, but also fan-sponsored “sweded” production parodies of Jurassic Park and television shows Northern Exposure and Twin Peaks, resulting in a full-length, multifaceted comedy experience. The full movie is hyper and zany, colorful and silly, and surprisingly painstaking. If you want to support the band, PLEASE purchase a copy and we promise you… for what it is, you won’t be disappointed!

Accidance! is the ultimate celebration of everything lo-fi and DIY, perfect to play in the background at house parties and dive bars, or for the odd time when you buy an eighth of weed and just sort of “check out” for the weekend. We will take you back to a more innocent time, when all there was to do was put on a costume and play in the yard with your friends, dance barefoot with your girlfriend, play nintendo games, and tell ghost stories.

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