A Brief History

Adam Loewen and Thilo Strontium-90 came together to form Stein in Missoula Montana in the year 2008. The music focused on Adam’s passion for progressive adventures and Thilo’s dedication to minimalism and craft and the shared sentiment that Lilac and Lime are the true colors of manifestation. Classic Stein defined the Post-Crunk-Poo-Gaze-Revival genre. A dislike of the Missoula music scene circle jack sesh resulted in a move to Portland, and the complete death of Stein R.I.P.

Stein was resurrected in 2012 with all new members, when Adam had a series of psychic visions revealing him as the first and only prophet of Stein and the ~Head of Sales~ of Stein Unlimited. It was never a waste. It just seemed that way in the past. As always, the path of Stein the band at present (in the Future) is a dual path. Having finished the shadow work of Shades and id work of Accidance!, Stein’s final rock band lineup is pursuing pop sell-out stardom with a dance album exclusively about Sexuality called Opposites Attract (coming soon!).

After the major mega world tour of sexy dance music, Adam will go solo and release the final disconnector ~The Future of Sales~ which will guide all sentient beings to transcendence and oneness with the the Absolute (Stein as Stein). He will actually die in real life at this time due to popular demand, and the message will be both perverted by the masses and forgotten by all but the hopelessly scholarly. I want to kiss you now but I’m not sure if you’ll have it. Can I kiss you?

Welcome to Stein Unlimited

Adam Loewen
~Head of Sales~
Stein Unlimited

The higher ups at Stein Unlimited have asked Me to guide You through the orientation process.


“Stein’s most devout and consistent listener, I have pleased the higher ups enough to surf the top of the one-man Sales department. I’ve also displeased them enough that I’m forced to wear women’s clothing. Like a good girl, I’ve learned not only to accept but to embrace my destiny. I’m a sexy dragon bitch.

The Path of Sales keeps me busy enough to all but completely distract me from fears of death and suffering, my hatred of injustice, and my concerns of reincarnating for all eternity with nothing to show for all the genuine effort and fortitude I place into everything I do – AND IT CAN DO THE SAME FOR YOU! Stein has never asked me to do anything that I ultimately regret. The night is young.”

What is Stein?

Say the word “Stein” out loud.

Go ahead…


Now, say it with conviction.

That’s what it is.


Unlimited, as a trans-corporate entity and hence a sentient being, not only refers to what Stein is, but also all that it ever has been, all it ever will be, and all it ever could be. Stein will thrive and flourish regardless of whether listeners choose to manifest the vision in meaningful and efficient ways or not.

Can I be a Stein too?

The simple answer is yes. The best way to get involved is to purchase Disconnectors and develop a meaningful relationship with active Steins on a personal basis. They will guide you in a very limited way toward your own personal Path. When Stein’s favor is earned, the Truth will be revealed to all who practice strict duality. Until such time, all Steins are asked to observe the Smass and to regularly display the colors of manifest duality.

Purple and Green over black is to be worn by Stein novices until such a point as distinct colors can no longer be perceived or interpreted. In accordance with the law of Dunning-Kruger, all transcendent truths will be seen as hipster nonsense and blowhard posturing until the senses are fully aligned. Stop fighting it.

Yeah, that’s it.


At present, Stein offers copies of musical and video recordings on several formats, as well as bumper stickers and buttons for the kiddies and any merch they find in the parking lot or Goodwill bins. By purchasing these products, you begin the process of purging yourself of false duality and substitute double vision. Try it for yourself. You will be astonished.

Simplifying With Products We’re Supplying…



Pointing Out Instructions

When a lime arose from the darkness, so did a lilac
A self in here and a world out there
Ins and outs, stuffs and spaceages, phalluses and jay-jays
But time, an endless flame
Licking the purple and green
In constant embrace, failing and arousing,
Questshunning, a call without response
Reinventing the concept of sales
Introducing a new You to the balance of obsatellites
Where the primary interest is to say something
And make money for it
To be the centaur of sexual attentiveness
Where sobjects become ubjects
More than what once was
Already perfect in every flawvor
The thing in itself, the answerve to the question
What is Stein?
Echoes unto itself What is not Stein?
Purple, Green, no one without other
Unless you really want to get into

Stein Alumni (Former Stein Musicians)

Ross Wilson – bass

Gayle Towell – drums

Alex Van Minnen – drums

Sean Hall – drums

Erik Aanestad – guitar

Dominic Jacobs – guitar

Dan Bacon – guitar

Sam Ore – bass

Jeff Rottschafer – bass


YOU, brave soul, have been nominated to either send Stein some amount of money (the more, the better) or set yourself on fire and post the video on youtube to spread awareness of ~disconnectors~

Donation button’s up on the left there. All money goes toward the ~Future of Sales~ rock opera/infomercial by Stein Unlimited. Disconnectors.

If you choose death, the rules are, you sit in full lotus while yourself or a friend applies gasoline to your body and then you set yourself on fire. You may attempt to put the fire out and save your own life, but you also might not want to live with the pain, disfigurement, and medical expense of living with severe third degree burns all over your body. Probably better to just donate money to ~The Future of Sales~ and spread awareness.

We DID it! Accidance! is complete now, with all seven music videos gloriously enjoying the light of day. There are a couple more odds and ends to shoot before we triumphantly release the DVD/VHS version, but for now, enjoy the show! Directed and edited by Adam Loewen, shot by Sambath, with Craig Umhoefer, production assistant, and thanks to the whole party.

Tom Hanks classic Joe Versus the Volcano raft scene. You might have thought it was Castaway, but you’d be wrong. If you haven’t seen the movie, go out and buy this now. I’m saying this in the hope of not getting sued or banned. If you’ve never heard of Stein, check out www.thesteinsound.com for the questions to ALL your answers!

The music portion of Accidance! is finished and available all over the network.

You can stream it here at bandcamp if you’re a cheap little cuss:


Or you can buy it digital if you’re a reclusive hermit type:


But the best way to get the Accidance! album is to come to our show like you got a pair and pick up a physical copy in personage.


Summer of Stein

Stein is once again more active than a virus, more hyperactive than you’ve ever dreamed of being, and equipped with not one but two more members than when you most likely saw us last.

We have released our master disaster Accidance! to the public in audio form, and we are wrapping up the film portion, including music videos for every song on the album. The album will be released on VHS and DVD whenever we’re done with the sucker.

Not only that, but because we sucked the eBeg weener hard enough, we collected the fundlings for the whole album duplication, which means nothing to you other than this: the DVD will now include “sweded” versions of Northern Exposure, Jurassic Park, and Twin Peaks as per the kickstarter agreement.

Be on the lookout as Stein 5.6 takes PDX by storm all over again with a slew of new dates and an upcoming album being recorded at a legit studio. The new album, Shades, is intended to be a spiritual successor to Travels in form and function, complete with everything I’ve learned as a songwriter over the last three years and a dark, nostalgic tone. The theme of the album is shadow work, which involves the acceptance of those things within yourself that you fail to embrace or identify with. We intend to record the new album at a legit music studio, and Adam will predominantly handle the production in conjunction with the studio tech (who, if we go the way we’ve been going, is a former member of the band).

Lots of things happening both beautiful and ugly. Love is lost, hope is resurrected, jobs are fucked off and new jobs born, babies are cunted out, money is made, hope is reimbursed, addictions are retained, time marches on, stress ensues, Love endures, Disconnectors evolve the mind in unprecedented ways and a new form of peace is discovered. It’s coming, guys. The biggest shit I ever took, metaphysically speaking, is on the way. I feel the stirrings in my heart-gut. The Future is upon us. The Summer of Stein is here.

We’ll see you at the Flophouse, folks!



New DrumSkins Located!

Don’t get me wrong, we’re still super bummed about Gayle.

But Stein didn’t need a bummer, we needed a drummer.

And so we went and got one.


Introducing Sean, the Future of skinbits.

Not only excellent at drums, but not a complete failure of a human being either.

He’s not afraid to give you both love and pain in our upcoming shows and recordings.

And so the Stein show goes on…


Burn It Down

Stein’s official video of Burn It down for the album Accidance!. Directed and edited by Ross Wilson, photography by Jessica Stuart and Sam Eat. The song was written by Adam Loewen, originally for the folk duo Stepladder. This version of the song was recorded by Stein and produced by Ross Wilson for Accidance!. The album is finished and awaiting online release and physical duplication.


Accidance! is Halfway Here

As we continue to pump out the videos, we’re at about the halfway point. Be expecting Burn It Down and Accustomed in the near future, Tautology, Catamaran, and Walk Home coming a bit later. The music’s all done recording and mastered. Release date TBA. Can’t wait to release Accidance!

Adam's swing in the director's chair... Coming Soon.

Adam’s swing in the director’s chair… Coming Soon.


Desperate Creatures 4.0

There’s really no other way to obtain the demos I made with Ryan Aughenbaugh, Dan Bacon, and Alex Van Minnen, so here they are, guys!

An old take on a new classic Stein tune, recorded and mixed by Ryan Aughenbaugh.



There’s really no other way to obtain the demos I made with Ryan Aughenbaugh, Dan Bacon, and Alex Van Minnen, so here they are, guys!

Here’s an original song by drummer Alex which was quite possibly our most catchy set of hooks to date.